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CW Sister Company Wins Export Award

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Winning a first export order is a big achievement for any business. But when the contract is with a huge American conglomerate and you strike the deal without even meeting the client, then that definitely has to be recognised as something special.

ITFX took on some of the world’s biggest internet solutions and website design companies to win the contract for the design and development of an international web portal for the Maytag group, whose brands include Amana fridges, Hoover, Jennair and Magic Chef.

The design team came up with an innovative solution to present seven brands, fifteen different companies and a massive range of products to distributors and customers in countries all over the world.

It was a fantastic achievement for a developing Lancashire company to win the contract and it proves that with the best expertise and technology nothing is impossible. ITFX was set up just five years ago and is part of the Percepsion Group, which also includes CW Advertising and CW Public Relations.

ITFX originally brought together the skills of a software programmer and a graphic designer and it is a blend that is really paying dividends. The company’s great strength is that we can produce visually stunning websites that are highly practical and always meet the clients’ needs.

The company’s first big break came with the award of a contract to produce the 2004 version of the Inland Revenue’s Employer’s CD ROM, which has been distributed to seven million businesses in the UK. The contract was renewed and we have just started work on the third year of the project.

We first came into contact with American giant Maytag through its UK arm, which needed a website to promote a range of Amana branded fridges. We created a unique user update feature, which allows Maytag personnel to regularly renew the various products and details to ensure that customers are always shown available items and product ranges that feature the most up to date models.

Company bosses in the States were so impressed by the UK website that they asked ITFX to come up with proposals for a site that would work for all of their distributors around the world. After competing against America’s top website designers and other agencies internationally, the contact came to ITFX’s base on the Network 65 Business Park in Burnley.

Maytag advised us that we had won the contract because of our knowledge and understanding of their business and our interpretation of what they wanted to achieve with their new website. We started work in mid- August and the site, which contains more than 2,500 documents and thousands of product images, was up and running by September.

Thanks to technology, the business was conducted without ever having a face-to-face meeting. Perhaps the biggest achievement was to persuade the Americans to use the Queen’s English on the site.  We explained that as the site was being used by the rest of the world we should not use American spellings and after a little gentle persuasion they agreed that we should spell everything correctly – the English way.

Posted by Creativeworld on 26th May 2005