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Moscow mission adds up for CW


An Altham-based creative agency has completed a major website design project for a Russian business park.

CW Advertising, together with its new media sister company; ITFX, took on the design project for Moscow’s extensive Millennium Logistics Park (MLP).

The contract came about after Millennium Logistics Park owner Adi Gast became aware of the company’s work.

CW and ITFX managing director Clive Wood ┬ásaid: “I met Adi in London after being recommended to him. He had already seen quite a few potential agencies in both London and Moscow but opted to go with CW and ITFX after speaking with me and looking in detail at our work.

“He was keen to link up with a creative company capable of designing a website with an international feel without incurring the high costs of some of the larger agencies.”

“We’ve certainly enjoyed the challenges posed ┬áby the project, relying on telephone conversations and email to develop the design and build the draft website. We also advised the Moscow-based photographer on the photography required”

The draft website was initially completed in English and only when MLP managers were happy with the content was it translated into Russian. CW and ITFX worked with Oldham-based Applied Language on the translation which was checked by MLP managers before being formally accepted.

The website was completed in under twelve weeks and includes an online enquiry form for any business interested in locating to the MLP, which is a large mixed use industrial estate offering extensive distribution and manufacturing as well as office accommodation.

This isn’t the first time CW has worked for a Russian company having previously produced an investment brochure for Kaliningrad Plaza, a major retail shopping centre in this Baltic coastal city in the Russian Federation.

Moscow mission adds up for CW

Moscow mission adds up for CW

Posted by David Bates on 26th February 2010