Challenges ahead for tt line


Challenges ahead for tt line

“This time I’m working with a couple of small teams, one team that works on an individual-level and the other on team-level, and that’s what we have done this time,” Stapleton said. “We have a couple of teams that come up with different solutions. They come to me with different goals for the service for the current situation and I then have some discussions about how I can move forward.

“I think it’s very clear that, in order for the tt line to succeed, the existing infrastructure needs to be changed and the infrastructure needs to be looked at from a more holistic perspective.”

With services for the aging population such as the tt line failing to cope with such a complex and ever-changing need for care, Stapleton said it is critical to the success of the service that the community knows the exist??????ing resources will be there.

“I think that there is an awareness problem, which is that while there is a long-term solution — that’s one component of the problem — a small amount of people are going to die. And that we need to do a lot more to move people out of the home because there is a need for care and support,” Stapleton said. “There’s a lot of people who are dying every day, especially elderly people. The need for service is so huge and the current system is in serious trouble.”

The tt line serves the needs of 5,000 men, women and children each day and can only provide care when a hospital emergency room is open. It is not accessible for those with mobility disabilities or who cannot use a wheelchair or other standard assistance device.

A tt line is available Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the following sites for a fee of $50 per adult or $80????? per child, along with one tt line wheelchair. All t??????t lines can be checked in to a facility by 7 a.m. in case of delays. If not arriving in time, they are placed for the day through the tt line’s website. The day’s tt service is valid for 24 hours. Tt services vary with age and services such as those for disabled elderly are available to those who live with disabilities in their homes, Stapleton said.

“To get to the people who actually are being treated that are leaving, or having other issues in their lives that they’re having to handle, that’s

Posted by David Bates on 20th June 2020