Earlier grape vintages in canberra district


Earlier grape vintages in canberra district.

Fruit vinification at Aucheras.

This is a fresh fruit vinification at a nursery in wahidah.

There are a few people here making wines that could make it.


Kunimba is a small farming town close to the CBD where the farmers p?????roduce fruit and vegetables.

Fruit vinification is done by the people there.

Peopl?????e living in the area and working on the farms do a lot of fruit-vinificationnatyasastra.com but they get money from the market.

There is no wine-distillery here but a fruit-Vinification Station exists where the locals make wine for tourism.


Wahidah is a little village near the CBD, located right on the edge of the big urban area.

It is where many farmers work on making wine.

Posted by David Bates on 19th June 2020