No deal on west coast hospital deal


No deal on west coast hospital deal.”

That was the headline from that report from the Center for Public Integrity last summer. A couple of weeks later, the Wall Street Journal ran a version with identical headline.

Trump administration officials and some White House staff members deny those claims.

They say the deal was to use the existing U.S. financial system, which has a long history of delays for foreign hospitals and financial institutions, as a “precursor” to the final deal to bring U.S. hospitals, and to hospitals from other countries, in line with the new arrangement under consideration by the Trump administration.

But the deal does have significant caveats for American hospitals and financial institutions. The administration officials note that as of Monday, the president is in the process of signing executive orders requiring the government to ease some regulations on foreign banks.

So the government has to negotiate the final terms, and negotiate with foreign banks with whom the government has to agree on new standards, before it actually gets to the final deal, they say. “If you can’t do that, there is a reason,” one official said.

Officials also point out that some of the new standards are still up for negotiation, and it’s up to the health department to negotiate. It’s not clear whether that’s still the case, or whether an executive order is the best way to go about it.

And it’s not clear how the new rules would compare to what Obama originally put into effect when he signed the Affordable Care Act.

Still, in an early Wednesday post on his official White House Twitter acc???ount, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said a new health care bill may be coming “soon.”

The president hasn’t commented publicly on the health care deal, but Trump tweeted la??????ter in the day about the “very exciting” news that the Affordable Care Act “will be coming, sooner rather than later!”

At the time, the administration was still negotiating a health care bill with Congress to try to bring the cost of health care in the U.S. under control.

The president also has said in a series of tweets on Wednesday that a “massive tax cut” is coming ???this year. He also tweeted an old video from an earlier White House rally featuring Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee.

Corker has supported the Senate bill and the Trump health care proposal, both of which are being considered by the U.S. Senate. Corker is said to favor a bill that would raise taxes on the wealth

Posted by David Bates on 20th June 2020