Winds whip up in mackay as cyclone hamish hovers near coast – MailOnline


Winds whip up in mackay as cyclone hamish hovers near coast – MailOnline

But, he said, he believed “some good people” in the region would take on the Storm Desmond effort.

“I feel very confident that if someone else would take on this project, it would be very successful,” he told BBC Scotland.

“It would be fantastic to have some of our friends who have a background in building and fixing these things around the county come and undertake this project. It would definitely be a unique project.

“I think some good people would be up for this as well.”

And he said he would have thought “we’d have the money to do it but there’s j?????ust no money.”

But he admitted he was “shocked” to be asked to join the effort, and that the people of Mairney wanted to put themselves at risk.

“It’s definitely been difficult but we’ve done our bit, we’ve been there but no money. We need to get our hjarvees.comouse in order,” he said.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption David MacLougjarvees.comhlin on the Storm Desmond effort

“But if somebody asked me to come in, I’d really look forward to it. It’s a huge event and we’ve got a lot of work to do.

“It’s not going to be easy in this area but hopefully we can do it.”

The man who has set up the Storm Desmond foundation is hoping someone will pay for the project and has contacted local authority and council to ask if the plan for a cyclone watch will be looked into.

But he said that was still being considered.

“We don’t yet know what the exact funding will be to make this happen but I am sure somebody will be up for the challenge,” he said.

He said it was a great idea and he hoped the idea and the charity will “keep getting the recognition and support needed”.

His son, Tom, who was on the same ferry crossing, said he had no plans to go into his boat to avoid the storm.

But the couple could be on one ferry at some point – after Storm Desmond. “I do know there will be some people across the ferry just going for it,” he said.

Image copyright Scottish Council of Storm Desmond Image caption Tom MacLoughlin and his wife, Joanne MacLoughlin, are hoping to put themselves at risk in order to help other people

Posted by David Bates on 20th June 2020